Sponsors are changing lives in La Limonada!

What does my sponsorship provide?

Child Sponsorship: Through sponsorship, children (ages 4-11) are welcomed into the academies, where they are discipled and given the opportunity to choose hope over the despair of gang culture. Students grow physically as they are fed, taught proper hygiene, and given vitamins; intellectually as they are educated; socially as they play with their friends; and spiritually as they are loved, valued, and taught the way of Jesus.

Scholar Sponsorship: While public school is free in Guatemala for a half day up through the sixth grade, most parents in La Limonada cannot afford the tuition needed to keep their children in school past that point. Sponsorship is customized for each scholar based on their education goals, but may cover the cost of tuition, uniforms, books, and school supplies, as well as the ongoing guidance of the Director of Scholars.

Teacher Sponsorship: Day after day, local teachers risk their lives to walk with the children through their vulnerable years. To stand with them through abuse, hunger, and trauma. To instruct, disciple, and prepare them to live full lives. Sponsorship ensures they receive a fair wage and the encouragement of knowing someone is standing behind them.

How much does sponsorship cost?

You can commit to the full amount of sponsorship for a child, scholar, or teacher as their exclusive sponsor OR commit to half the cost of sponsorship to be shared with another sponsor. You are not responsible for finding someone to cover the other half!

Child Sponsorship: $80/month [Full], $40/month [Half]
Scholar Sponsorship: $100/month [Full], $50/month [Half]
Teacher Sponsorship: $100/month [Full], $50/month [Half]

The cost of child sponsorship reflects the true operating costs of each academy, with strategic, highly relational programs in an especially high-risk community. The cost of scholar sponsorship reflects the cost of tuition, uniforms, books, school supplies, and attentive guidance. The cost of teacher sponsorship ensures we are able to pay each Guatemalan staff member a fair wage.

Can I write to my sponsored child, scholar, or teacher?

Absolutely! We will send you a new sponsor packet, including a photo of the child, scholar, or teacher you chose to sponsor. We encourage you to write and build a relationship with them. You’re welcome to visit too!

How long does a sponsorship last?

We hope that your sponsorship commitment will continue until your child has completed their education. However, we recognize that personal circumstances may change for both you and your child. Occasionally children move out of La Limonada or simply stop attending the academies. If this occurs, we will contact you to ask if you would like to select another child to continue sponsoring. Your continued prayers will continue to support your child throughout his or her life.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?

Yes. Lemonade International is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipts as your official record.


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