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Last Day to Tackle Urgent Needs in La Limonada

Today is the FINAL DAY of our Spring Forward campaign to tackle urgent needs in La Limonada! Thank you for listening, loving, and remembering the stories of “the least of these” who are right now facing urgent needs in the midst of extreme poverty and marginalization. As in the story of the young mother, your […]

Photo of the Week

Our community nurse Janina cares for spiritual and emotional needs, in addition to the physical needs of the vulnerable in La Limonada. (Photo by Silent Images)

Tackle Urgent Needs in La Limonada

Tackle Urgent Needs Urgent, unexpected needs emerge every day from homes of corrugated metal, plastic sheets, and cement in the slum community of La Limonada. Families already struggling to survive another day face sudden illness, fire, unaffordable medicine, funeral expenses, or simply bus fare to get to the hospital. The Community Relief Fund enables the […]

New Video Launching This Thursday!

We have an exciting announcement! You’re invited to watch our brand new video featuring the Community Relief Fund this Thursday. Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired! Have a Twitter account? Join others standing in solidarity with the people of La Limonada at this live Twitter-Chat event. Watch the video, dialogue, and share your immediate […]

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