For years, in addition to community development programs that aim to empower and educate the community of La Limonada, The team in Guatemala have also been providing relief for the urgent, unexpected needs of those who are vulnerable.

“Relief can be defined as the urgent and temporary provision of emergency aid
to reduce immediate suffering from crisis.” – When Helping Hurts

Providing Mercy in Marcelina’s Honor

The home that Marcelina shared with her husband, Braulio, was long a place of warm hospitality. Even as she suffered from the chronic pain that accompanied her old age, and though Braulio is blind, everyone who spent time with them experienced kindness, friendship, and generosity.

When Marcelina passed away in 2014, we knew we had to do something to commemorate her legacy. We extend our mercy outreach in her honor.

The Community Relief Fund will respond with compassion to extreme needs, including:

  • Medical services (surgeries, cancer treatment, prescriptions, etc)
  • Nutrition supplements for the elderly and children
  • Adult diapers and other medical supplies for the bedridden
  • Mercy bags (essential items which offer relief to those in greatest need)
  • Home repairs after storms and mudslides
  • Employment papers for those seeking a legal pathway to employment
  • Funeral expenses to assist families to bury their loved ones with dignity


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