Provide monthly support for our programs in La Limonada by committing to give TEN DOLLARS a month through TEN2END, our campaign to end hunger for children living in the community.

Ten dollars provides 11 healthy meals per month for a child in one of our three academies. That’s less than $1 per meal. Many here in the US easily spend $10 a week on specialty coffee drinks alone. We spend three times that or more on pizza for our families on a Friday night.

According to the USAID, “Guatemala ranks sixth for chronic malnutrition in the world and has the highest rate of stunting in the western hemisphere.”

We know that healthy and consistent meals enable children to grow and think clearly, with strengthened immune systems. Sadly, this is not the reality for many of the children in La Limonada. The children in our academies receive one nutritious meal each day. Not only are they enjoying what might be their only hot meal of the day, they are learning to eat foods that fuel their little bodies as they grow. Addressing these immediate needs is a crucial way of preparing these boys and girls to thrive as the future leaders of their community.

TEN2END is your chance to make a little bit go a long way. By committing to a $10 monthly donation you can make a BIG difference in the life of a child in La Limonada.

Join the fight against malnutrition and hunger in La Limonada by joining TEN2END today!


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