The teachers and staff members sacrifice and risk their lives each day to walk with the children and families of La Limonada. To enter into stories of pain, hunger, abuse, and trauma. To offer gentle instruction, loving presence, fervent prayers, and a good example. Lasting impact happens as each staff member embodies the love of Jesus for the children.

The cost of teacher sponsorship reflects our goal to provide a fair wage for all the teachers and workers in the academies.

  • $50 a month for a shared sponsorship.
  • $100 a month for a full sponsorship.

Change happens through relationship. 

You will receive a photo and story of the staff member you choose to sponsor. We encourage you to write and build a meaningful relationship. Your support, encouragement, and prayers have incredible impact on the people pouring into the children and community each day!

Begin your teacher sponsorship today:

  1. Choose: Click on their photo.
  2. Select: “Sponsor Me” and commit to begin your monthly donation, support, and new relationship.

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