Our academy-based child sponsorship program impacts all aspects of a child’s life in La Limonada.

  • Students grow intellectually as they are educated.
  • Students grow socially as they play with their friends.
  • Students grow physically as they are fed, clothed, taught proper hygiene, and given vitamins.
  • Students grow spiritually as they are loved, valued, and taught the way of Jesus.

The cost of child sponsorship reflects the true operating costs of each academy, with strategic, highly relational programs in an especially high risk community.

  • $40 a month for a shared sponsorship.
  • $80 a month for a full sponsorship.


Change happens through relationship. 

You will receive a photo and story of the child you choose to sponsor. We encourage you to write and build a relationship with the child and their family. You’re welcome to visit too!

Begin your child sponsorship today!

  • Decide: Would you like to sponsor a boy or a girl?
  • Choose: Click on his or her photo
  • Select: “Sponsor Me” to begin your monthly donation, support, and new relationship.

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